Our Team

Location: Bonn University

Scientific Team

Prof. Dr. Nikolai Grube Project Director
Dr. Christian Prager Project Coordination, Epigraphy
Elisabeth Wagner, M.A. Epigraphy, Iconology
Tobias Mercer, B.A. Programming, Web Development
Antje Grothe, M.A. Metadata and Bibliography
Guido Krempel, M.A. Doctoral Fellowship Holder
Research Fellows
Dr. Albert Davletshin 2017
Alejandro J. Garay Herrera 2018
Dr. Guillermo Bernal Romero († 2021) 2018
Sara Isabel García Juárez 2018
Associated Consultants
Dr. Catherine Letcher Lazo Linguistic Consultant

Development, implementation and maintenance of the computer based infrastructure, as well as presentation, are based on cooperation between the project and the Bonn University Library (ULB), and the State and University Library of Göttingen (SUB). In Göttingen, one position for a computer scientist is created within the collaborative project TextGrid.


Location: State and University Library of Göttingen

Scientific Team
Dr. Jan Brase Project Director
Dr. Christoph Kudella Project Coordination
Computer Science Team

Associated Consultants
Martin de la Iglesia Metadata
Alexander Jahnke Metadata
Uwe Sikora Metadata
Ubbo Veentjer Information Architecture
Former Team Members and Consultants
Dr. Heike Neuroth Project Director (2014-2015)
Dr. Mirjam Blümm Project Director (2015-2018)
Sibylle Söring, M.A. Project Coordination (2014-2016)


Location: Cologne Center for eHumanities

Scientific Team
Dr. Claes Neuefeind Coordinator
Computer Science Team
Börge Kiss, M.A. Development
Max Ionov, M.A. Development