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Tayasal (TSL)

Alternative Acronyms
Alternative Names
Taizá = Taitzá = Noj Peten
Identification Numbers
Getty ID
Country, Departamento
Guatemala, Petén (GT-PE)
16.937620 N, -89.896900 E
Number of Inscriptions
After Morley (1948)
After Riese (1976)

Site code TSL given by Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions (1975:23-24; 1982:185-187; 1999:187-189; 2012; 2016); cited by Riese (2004), Mathews (2005). Alternative name ‚Taizá‘ and ‚Taitzá‘ according to Quintana & Wurster (2001:107). For a discussion whether Flores or Tayasal were the Post-Classic Itza capital of Noj Peten see Reina (1966).
Location recorded at Mirador de Canek, verified with and coordinates retrieved from Google Maps Web Services (accessed July 23, 2015).


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