Scientific Advisory Board

The project’s work will be scientifically advised and evaluated by a four-person scientific advisory board that participates in the project’s conferences and is incorporated into important scientific discussions. It will thus be ensured that the conventions defined by the project for transcribing the sources and for analyzing and presenting the data will be developed in collaboration with the broader scientific community.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Dmitri Beliaev Rossiski Gossudarstwenny Gumanitarny Uniwersitet, Moscow
Prof. em. Dr. Peter Mathews La Trobe University, Melbourne
Prof. Dr. David Stuart University of Texas, Austin
Ass. Prof. Dr. Alexandre Tokovinine University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Prof. Dr. Gordon Whittaker Georg-August Universität, Göttingen
Ass. Prof. Dr. Marc Uwe Zender Tulane University, New Orleans