Katja Diederichs


Initially studied German Studies and General Linguistics at the University of Bonn. Later completed Bachelor’s degree in Information Processing, Linguistics, and Phonetics at the University of Cologne. Subsequently Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the Technical University Cologne.

Areas of Interest

During university studies: Emphases in the fields of linguistics and phonetics on the typology of Indo-European languages and on the theory of articulatory phonology. Within information processing, focus on linguistic information processing in the field of text mining methods, and on historical cultural science information processing in the field of metadata modelling and mapping.
During the Master’s programme, the focus was on research data and their management, in particular the modelling of metadata descriptions on cultural content.

General interests in the field of cultural heritage on modelling machine-readable metadata, particularly annotating textual and non-textual sources using established metadata standards.
Furthermore interested in ensuring interoperability with regard to tools and structures that facilitate the comprehensive usability of annotated data.