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Two Vessels from Xultun Workshops in the Tikal Center for Conservation and Research

During the past decade the corpus of inscriptions pertaining to the Baax Witz court of Xultun has been significantly amplified thanks to recent archaeological investigations as well as newly identified polychrome vessels with dedicatory texts in private and institutional collections. Here we present two heretofore unpublished polychrome vessels of unknown provenance, both of which can be ascribed to the pottery workshops of Xultun. One of these vessels provides us with additional evidence for Ix Yax We’n Chaak, a female ruler whose existence has just recently been revealed thanks to new in situ finds. The other fragmented vessel can, by means of a comparative analysis, stylistically be attributed to a Late Classic palace workshop of Xultun that operated during the reign of Yax We’n Chan K’inich.

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