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Ein TEI-Metadatenschema für die Auszeichnung des Klassischen Maya

Working Paper 3

Als Teilziel des ersten TWKM-Projektabschnitts ist die Erstellung einer Arbeitsversion des Wörterbuches in elektronischer Form vorgesehen. Bereits mit dem Projektantrag war vorgesehen, dass die Erschließung der Inschriftentexte mittels des Standards TEI des gleichnamigen Konsortiums TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) erfolgen soll.

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Tz’atz’ Nah, a „New“ Term in the Classic Mayan Lexicon

Research Note 2

Inscriptions are a rich source for Classic Maya architectural terminology, which is rather descriptive and includes a number of building names and general architectural terms ending with the generic nah. Study of the Temple of the Sun sanctuary tablet has revealed another architectural term previously unknown in the Maya epigraphic record.

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Evaluating the Digital Documentation Process from 3D Scan to Drawing

Working Paper 2

The “Text Database and Dictionary of Classic Mayan” project acquired a Breuckmann smartSCAN C5 fringe projection scanner for high-resolution and three-dimensional documentation of Maya artefacts with texts. Renderings of the stereolithographic mesh can be used to create (digital) line drawings for the project’s repository.

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A Ceramic Vessel of Unknown Provenance in Bonn

Research Note 1

This initial epigraphic note by the members of the „Text Database and Dictionary of Classic Mayan“ project is dedicated to text and image of a hitherto unpublished ceramic vessel that is on display in the Bonner Altamerika-Sammlung (BASA) at Bonn University.

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