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Xkalachetzimin (XKA)

Alternative Abkürzungen
Alternative Namen Xcalachetzimin
Getty ID 8697893
GeoNames 11073382
INAH ID F15D8904011
Land, Bundesstaat Mexiko, Campeche (MX-CAM)
Koordinaten 20.199658 N, -90.051777 E
Anzahl an Inschriften
Nach Morley (1948)
Nach Riese (1980)

Site code XKA from Mathews (2005); cited by Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions (2012; 2016) – erroneously spelled as ‚Xkalachchetzimin‘.
Location recorded at Xkalachetzimin by Stephan Merk with a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS).
The site is listed by Peter Mathews (2005) as a location in which inscriptions were discovered, yet the Project does not have any published or oral reports on it. This information remains to be verified.


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