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Pomuch (PMC)

Alternative Abkürzungen
Alternative Namen Pokmuch = Tixpokmuch
Getty ID
INAH ID F15D8904020
Land, Bundesstaat Mexiko, Campeche (MX-CAM)
Koordinaten 20.110940 N, -90.225440 E
Anzahl an Inschriften
Nach Morley (1948)
Nach Riese (1980)

Site code PMC given by Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions (1982:185-187; 1999:187-189; 2012; 2016); cited by Riese (2004), Mathews (2005). Alternative site names Pokmuch and Tixpokmuch according to Pollock (1980:541).
Exact coordinates for archaeological remains at Pomuch are unknown. Pollock states that „[t]he town shows many signs of an ancient occupation, although most of the remains seem to be of Puuc rather than of Ah Canul times“ (1980:541-542).
Location recorded at Parque between Calle 13 and 15, coordinates retrieved from Google Maps Web Services (accessed July 23, 2015). These coordinates are provisional and must be verified by taking additional measurements taken on site.


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