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Los Angeles

Alternative Acronyms
Alternative Names Los Ángeles
Identification Numbers
Getty ID 8697665
GeoNames 11071645
INAH ID E16A8304012
Country, Bundesstaat Mexiko, Campeche (MX-CAM)
Coordinates 18.215362 N, -89.176769 E
Number of Inscriptions
After Morley (1948)
After Riese (1976)

Two badly weathered stelae are reported and documented by Iván Šprajc (2002:26;2008:45), one of them with traces of surviving sculpture according to the photograph published (http://gis.zrc-sazu.si/campeche/photoCmpch.aspx?stid=79). Alternative name is also the name of the modern village nearby (Šprajc et al. 2009:67).
Location recorded at principal pyramid (LAN-1) by Šprajc with a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) ( Šprajc (2008:Anexo 2).


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