First international workshop on applying EpiDoc/TEI markup to complex, non-alphabetic scripts held in Bonn 2015

Workshop programme On Monday and Tuesday, October 5th and 6th, 2015, the project “Text Database and Dictionary of Classic Mayan” at Bonn organized a first international workshop on the use of the markup language XML, particularly XML based standards like TEI and EpiDoc, for annotating and studying non-alphabetic scripts writing systems. The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)1) is a consortium

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Digital Knowledge Spaces

The film produced by DARIAH-DE introduces projects from different humanities disciplines, shows the role of infrastructure institutions such as academic libraries in the context of the digital research process, and provides an overview of both academic teaching and a vivid DH community. In the selected scene, Prof. Dr. Nikolai Grube presents the project “Textdatenbank und Wörterbuch des Klassischen Maya”.

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